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by Manley White on 09/07/16

I have set down to write something several times but every time I do it seems I forget what I was going to write about.  It seems that this time is going to be the same, so I am going to ramble on for a spell and maybe you will get something from it.
As some of you who know me knows, I work part time making Pizzas for Caseys General store.  Last evening I had a lady call and proceeded to chew me out for making her pizza wrong.  I'm at a loss as to what she was talking about after all I had only made 25 pizzas at that time and it took me a bit to remember which pizza she was talking about. She went on to describe what I had done wrong, when she finished I still could not see what I had done wrong.  She then went on to say it had mozzarella cheese on it and Taco pizza did not have mozzarella cheese on it.  I do not know of any pizza made around here that does not have mozzarella as a topping. She said she had gone online and it does not have mozzarella in the ingredients list, I checked and she is correct, but then none of the pizza ingredients list contained mozzarella in them.  Caseys may have misprinted the lists or did they just assume that everyone took for granted the mozzarella would always be a topping on pizza.
Well that is my rant for today so if you happen to find yourself in Fulton MO Friday around supper time stop by and I will sell you the best pizza  you have ever tasted.  This works most of the time but I guess this lady?, didn't agree.

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