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Getting back on track

by Manley White on 10/08/15

Well it sure has been a while since I made an entry here and for that I'm sorry.  Things have been pretty hectic around here and I just seem to put of some things, this blog was one of them.

Anyway went to visit the grandaughter and her husband in Olatha KS over the weekend and got to go to our first festival of the year. Louisburg KS was having theirs so we and had a wonderful time.  The crowd was pretty big and the lines to the concessions were sometimes long but got to see a lot of local crafts.  Bought some jellies, cookies, apple cider and a few trinkets. They were making cider so what we bought was fresh, don't know if that makes it better or not.  I expected to get some pumpkin cookies but they were either sold out or didn't have any.

This coming weekend we are going to Hartsburg MO and hope it has more to choose from they have in past years had more venders than the one in Louisburg so there is more to choose from.  Hartsburg has pumpkins for sale so we can pick up a couple to make pies for the upcoming winter seasons.  I am hoping to find some good jellies there as in the past but if we don't get there early they will be gone if the past years are any indication.

Well that is all from here today see you soon.

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